Want to save 50% of your marketing spend?

“Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.”

David Ogilvy (who was himself requoting)

We waste money marketing our products and services because so often without a brand to lead feel the need to SHOUT.

Marketing is supposed to be there to reduce the cost of selling. A well regarded brand is bought from rather than needing to be sold to?

What if your brand was way stronger? Strong brands spend less on marketing. And of course, less on sales.

A strong brand knows what it sells and who it sells to and just as importantly, who it does not sell to.

This is Strategy but…

“Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast”

Peter Drucker

So your strategy and in turn brand, needs to be based on your Culture, but how do you codify and curate and build your culture?

Simple, find your and o course, your Company’s Purpose!

And that’s what we do, we listen, analyse and advise you on how to save money on marketing and increase sales by letting you understand exactly who you are, what you are for and who you do not ever serve.

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But only if you will let me tell you if your baby is ugly.

Strategy/Brand/Culture/Mission/Purpose Consultancy

Because Purpose sets up Mission, which sets up Culture which sets up Team which wins at Strategy. Because you don’t have time or money to waste on a shotgun approach.

At its best this results in a move to leadership, away from management as a tool for productivity and results.

Alexander Sacken

I can fully recommend other brands/companies to work with you when they are looking for change and some out-of-the-box thinking

How long will this process take?

A set of 4 hour sessions. With one founder in the room, 3 sessions, for each additional executive, add about a session per delegate. Yup, good camels are harder to design.
Oh and the rest of your days in that seat to fulfil

How much will it cost?

How much is shoddy marketing costing you? Lost opportunity? Sales to customers who cost more than you will ever earn from them? well a whole lot less than that! But it is a length-of-string question, and if I want to help you with your mission, we will find a way!

Will you laugh at how we do things now?

Not at you, but with you

How do we get started?

We meet once, no obligation, and if we are still talking 30 minutes later, we set up a plan to do this properly.
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What if we are a marketing/brand/culture agency?

Happy to help your clients, reach out to me.

Do you have any Testimonials I can see?

here you go

Are you not known for your work in coffee?

Well yes, but I’m not quite that one dimensional. I’ve done deep brand work in FinTech, EduTech, Beauty, Health, Energy Drinks even Agriculture and Hospitality in general.

Some of the recent brands David has done deep work on: Floatpays; HyperionDev / CoGrammar; Blür; Black Insomnia; Brand Pirate Hunter and more

Nadine Rose

Blür beauty

…he can cut through to the purpose or the essence of a brand, and position this difference with remarkable ease.

Moran Liepaz

Brand Pirate Hunter

We have a Northstar now. We know exactly what we’re about. It helps us make decisions beyond marketing and product