Moran Liepaz

CEO Brand Pirate Hunter

I wanted to thank you for the work that we did together for Brand Pirate Hunter. I must say initially when we decided to meet I thought you going to just help me with some marketing and give me some strategies and ideas and I actually didn’t expect what I got in return.  You gave me so much more and our company is doing so much better for it.  We have a Northstar now. We know exactly what we’re about. It helps us make decisions beyond marketing and product.  It makes us stronger and better and we are capable of using it across the board even for when we are trying to employ people or when we trying to think of other solutions and what we want to do in order to advance the business and every day we think of our conversations that we’ve had and think of our “why” and our cause and the things that we discussed and it’s been helping us now for about a year since we’ve had our sessions and I just wanna thank you very much on behalf of Brand Pirate Hunter. 

Nadine Rose

Blür beauty

David Donde is without a doubt one of the most remarkable brand minds I have had the pleasure of working with. Having been a traditional brand marketer my entire career, David has most recently challenged my entire way of thinking – and approach to marketing a brand. The differentiation, for me, lies in the fact that he can cut through to the purpose or the essence of a brand, and position this difference with remarkable ease. The process itself pushes the team’s thinking and is simultaneously thought-provoking, sometimes uncomfortable and hilariously fun.
I feel perhaps what sets him apart is that he is both brand man and business owner and understands both the power of the brand, and the commercial aspects associated with making a brand world class. It has most certainly been a privilege to have worked with him on creating a brand.

Ginette Blackbeard

Owner / Director of what’s currently known as Blür Beauty

I approached David to assist me with a brand strategy and defining the brand purpose for my company. His no-nonsense approach forced me to be brutally honest (in his words “this is not an exercise in bullshit”) albeit a bit uncomfortable for me at times. When its your own brand, that’s close to your heart, I think it can be difficult to really get down to the essence of it but I was amazed how quickly he managed to facilitate this. David is a true visionary – during this process, he really encouraged me to think much bigger than I had before. I now have a very clearly defined brand guideline and path I need to follow in order to achieve my goals. The value I gained from this far exceeded any monetary compensation paid and I am very grateful for the opportunity.
Ginette Blackbeard

Alexander Sacken COO


Hi David,
I think you have been doing a great job consulting us for our rebranding from a rather old-school brand to a very modern and cool new branding. You achieved this by a combination of wisdom, sensible networking being all relevant stakeholders, emotional intelligence and an awful lof of coffee and branding experience. Rebranding is never an easy project, but due to your support we managed to get through this in no time and everybody was really happy about it and the consumers love it as well (which is probably most important)
I can fully recommend other brands/companies to work with you when they are looking for change and some out of the box thinking